More Than Conquerors

  1. No Condemnation MP3 Chart Lyrics
  2. Sons Not Slaves MP3 Chart Lyrics
  3. We Wait MP3 Chart Lyrics
  4. Spirit Song MP3
  5. More Than Conqueroros MP3 Chart Lyrics

Project description

We took the 39-verse chapter of Romans in the Bible, and wrote 5 songs, breathed on by the Spirit of God. Our love for rock n’ roll found a place on this album, because let’s be honest, if you’re talking about conquering, you better put some electric guitars and kickin’ drums up in that beast! We even have a song that’s more of a soundtrack to prayer, with National Community Church's campus pastors actually praying throughout the song and Joel Buckner singing in the Spirit throughout the tune, referencing Romans 8:26-27. “More than Conquerors” is more of a “horizontal” album. It contains songs TO the church, FOR the church. This is who WE are. We are adopted children, we are sons and daughters of the Most High, and we are more than conquerors! As you listen to these songs, our hope isn’t’ that you’ll think “man, this is a cool rock album”, but more that you’ll pray “God, show me how to live as a conqueror.” Our world is a battleground, and we fight for the winning side. Let’s take back what the enemy has stolen, and rise to be the Church we are called to be in Romans 8.

Global revival through personal worship.


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