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You Alone is a brand new project, highlighting five new songs from NCC Worship. The album is meant to be more of a resource, and not just another standard music release. It includes the songs, both studio and LIVE band versions, as well as LIVE videos, clips of the messages the songs were written out of, and much more.

The album ranges from upbeat praise anthems to intimate reflective songs of worship. Our hope is that this resource connects people to God’s presence.

You Alone releases on March 31, 2015 on all major digital outlets.

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NCC Worship is a music collective based in Washington DC at National Community Church. Through creativity and excellence NCC Worship cultivates an atmosphere of intimate worship and passionate praise where God’s presence and His people connect.

Our hope is that the world would be transformed one life at a time through an encounter with Jesus. Our heart is to equip the church to see it happen.
2 Chronicles 7:14

The Team


Freedom Through Vulnerability

For years I had been building up walls around my heart; protecting myself from pain, agony and the trouble of life. I became a pro at knowing how to keep people at the right distance and even keeping God at a distance as well. My heart was my own and I would never allow anyone to be close. Over a period of time, I became very cold and did…

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Leading From Joy

Every person, in any job, no matter what it is, at some point will hit that wall. It’s the wall of routine. You may have started out doing what you do because you LOVE what you do, but somewhere down the road things just began to get stagnant. Whether you’re delivering pizzas or leading worship (yes, I’ve done both), it’s a real…

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New Music Update: “If God”

Over the last couple of months, we’ve gotten the awesome privilege of traveling with our lead Pastor while touring for his newest book, titled “IF.” (I highly recommend purchasing it—it’s a game changer. To grab your copy, go here. )Our team also wrote a song that goes along with the book. Both were written/inspired out of Romans…

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Global revival through personal worship.